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Commercial Aircraft Components, Metal Parts, and Sewn Assemblies

Aero Product Co.’s commercial aerospace products help civilian aircraft equipment providers achieve the comfort, safety, and reliability that today’s passenger flight sector demands.

APC offers a wide range of American-made commercial aerospace parts, components, and assemblies. As an AS9100D certified contract manufacturer, our passenger aviation products are manufactured in accordance with the industry’s strictest quality control standards. From commercial aircraft seating to passenger safety devices, from custom molded plastic assemblies to precision fabricated airplane parts, APC provides the superior commercial flight products that today’s cutting-edge aviation contractors demand.


Commercial Sewing Services for Aviation Products

APC offers versatile commercial cut & sewing services for airliners using high-performance fabrics and industrial-strength textile materials. Our industrial sewn assemblies and components are utilized in aircraft seats and cushions, parachute bags, and other critical devices found within the world’s top passenger flight vehicles. Our custom cut & sewn aerospace products are designed to perform reliably in modern commercial flight applications while meeting all of the necessary safety and regulatory requirements.

  • Acoustical Insulation
  • Commercial Airplane Seats and Cushions
  • Rucksacks and Survival Kits

Molded Plastics and Composite Parts for Passenger Planes

We provide custom molded aircraft components manufactured from quality plastics and high-performance composite materials. Utilizing both thermoforming and injection molding processes, APC is able to offer a diverse range of molded aerospace products. Our state-of-the-art vacuum forming technology is capable of processing molded sheet plastic into an array of custom form factors. Our injection molding capabilities include complex aerospace assemblies which demand absolute precision and close tolerances.

  • Interior Airliner Trim
  • Airplane Headrests
  • Parachute Stowage Containers

Precision Fabricated Metal Parts for Commercial Airliners

APC can provide complete metal fabrication services for an array of commercial aircraft products, components, and assemblies. Our aerospace fabrication capabilities include CNC machined parts as well as metal stamped components. We also utilize tube bending, hydroforming, and laser cutting, to provide your project with the design flexibility required for complex fabricated aerospace parts.

  • Airplane Seat Panels
  • Aircraft Screens
  • Parachute Ripcords
  • Various Mounting Assemblies and Brackets

Combined Material Assemblies for the Aviation Sector

Our comprehensive contract manufacturing services enable APC to provide your project with fully finished product solutions, ready for shipment or installation. Our ability to combine a multitude of quality components and materials will streamline your project from start to finish.

Quality Commercial Airplane Parts and Sewn Assemblies

APC is proud to be one of the nation’s leading contract manufacturers for commercial aircraft components and assemblies. Our robust quality control program is certified to both ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D standards in order to ensure absolute precision with every product. From passenger planes and jetliners to state-of-the-art military spacecraft, APC strives to deliver superior aerospace components.