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Custom Industrial Sewing with High-Strength Textiles and Fabrics

Aero Products Co. offers quality industrial sewn products manufactured from high-performance textiles and fabrics. Our company is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer serving some of the aerospace, defense, and commercial sectors’ most challenging sewn product applications.

APC’s custom sewn products and assemblies are built to last and perform in the extreme conditions of today’s cutting-edge military, aviation, and industrial applications.


High-Performance Industrial Cut & Sewn Products

APC’s custom commercial sewing services utilize industrial-strength and/or military-grade fabrics, threading, and other extremely durable textile materials. We provide complete contract manufacturing capabilities for custom cut & sewn assemblies built to withstand the harsh conditions of defense, military, aerospace, and high-performance commercial product applications.

Our custom industrial sewn products include equipment solutions for your facility such as duct insulation and protective covers. We also sew a wide range of commercial-use products such as cases, workwear, and utility gear designed to stand up to the demands of modern industrial workplace environments.

  • Custom Duct Insulation
  • Engine Covers
  • Antenna Covers
  • Light Insulation

Combined Material Assemblies with Industrial Sewn Fabrics

APC’s combined material products will streamline the manufacturing of your finished assemblies by providing your project with a single-source solution. For example, we can integrate numerous metal fabricated components as well as custom molded plastic parts to produce fully finished products and assemblies.

  • Custom Screens and Shrouds
  • Duct Outlets
  • Exhaust Covers

Quality Industrial Sewing Services for Commercial, Aerospace, and Military Products

APC is an ISO 9001:2015 certified industrial manufacturer that is also AS9100D certified to produce aircraft-grade cut & sewn products. Employing one of the industry’s most robust quality assurance systems, APC ensures that every sewn product is produced exactly to your specifications, and that all textiles and other materials conform to the contract’s requirements.