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American-Made Products for Aerospace, Military, and Industry

Aero Products Co. (APC) provides complete contract manufacturing solutions for military, aerospace, and industrial applications. Our unique range of products are proudly built in the USA and delivered on time after being manufactured to your exact specifications and performance requirements.

At APC, our expertise lies in our ability to provide complete contract manufacturing solutions. Our company specializes in streamlined build-to-print services for a diverse range of product applications. We offer versatile material manufacturing solutions with the capability to incorporate a numerous materials such as steel, alloys, fabrics, plastics, composites, rubbers, and more.

Industrial Sewing

APC offers extensive industrial sewing capabilities using military-grade materials and other high-performance fabrics. We specialize in the production and assembly of extremely durable sewn products that are built to withstand the harsh conditions of defense, military, and industrial applications.

Metal Fabrication

APC provides full-service fabrication and metalworking solutions including metal stamping, precision machining, laser cutting, tube bending and hydroforming, as well as forging and casting capabilities.

Molded Products

APC manufactures quality molded products and assemblies to precision aerospace standards. Our custom molded components and assemblies are produced through state-of-the-art injection molding, vacuum form molding, thermoform molding processes.


APC has a unique ability to combine multiple materials to produce finished assemblies such as paradrogues, canopy covers, custom ducting and shrouds, as well as a full range of other precision aerospace and military products.