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Combination Products for Finished Assemblies

Aero Products Co. has a unique ability to combine numerous components and materials into quality finished products. Our material combination capabilities include industrial textiles, fabrics, foams, and rubbers, as well as molded plastics, composites, and fabricated metals.

APC’s material combinations integrate multiple parts into fully finished assemblies in order to simplify and streamline your project. As an AS9100D certified aerospace and defense contract manufacturer, our combination products are produced to the highest quality standards to meet the precision specifications of today’s challenging government, military, aerospace, and industrial contracts.

Material Combinations for Aerospace, Military, and Industrial Assemblies

APC has a unique ability to combine multiple materials for finished assemblies such as:

AS9100 Certification

Industrial Sewing Combined with Metal Fabrication, Plastic Molding, and Precision Machining

APC’s unique combination solutions enable you to streamline the manufacturing of your completed assemblies. For example, we can integrate numerous fabricated components and molded parts into our custom cut & sewn products.

Our comprehensive contract manufacturing services enable APC to provide your project with fully finished product solutions, ready for shipment or installation. Our ability to combine a multitude of quality components and materials will streamline your project from start to finish.

Paradrogue Assemblies for Aerial Refueling Operations

One of APC’s most unique combined material products is seen in our paradrogue assemblies used for in-flight refueling operations. This particular unit is engineered for the KC-135 Stratotanker aircraft. Essentially, the paradrogue is responsible for stabilizing the various fueling equipment and hoses as the system is deployed midair.

The assembly is fabricated with aluminum arms, which are CNC machined to precision tolerances. The paradrogue unit features a welded steel ring and specialized phenolic spacers, as well as custom eye bolts, clips, and swaged ball cable assemblies. Industrial textiles used include a cut & sewn canopy reinforced with high-strength tape. APC’s innovation lies in our capability to combine a range of high-performance materials into complex aerospace products.

AS9100D and ISO 9001 Certified Quality Control

APC is an AS9100D certified aerospace manufacturer. Our robust quality control system is certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our meticulous quality assurance protocols ensure every finished assembly is manufactured according to your exact specifications, and that all combined materials conform to the contract’s requirements.

Quality American Contract Manufacturing for Custom Molded Plastics

APC provides quality-focused contract manufacturing services for custom combined product solutions. Our versatile capabilities in metal fabrication, plastic molding, and industrial sewing enable us to combine high-performance materials into superior finished assemblies.