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Forged and Cast Components for Aerospace and Industry

Aero Product Co. (APC) provides quality forged and cast metal products that are built to stand the test of time. Our custom fabricated metal components are engineered to provide the utmost in performance and reliability when faced with the extreme conditions of modern military, aerospace, and industrial operations. Our company offers diverse contract manufacturing expertise, ranging from precision cast airplane parts to forged metal components used in industrial sewn assemblies.

Precision Metal Fabricated Parts, Components and Assemblies

Forged Lashing Strap Assembly for US Navy Submarines

As an example of APC’s precision manufacturing capabilities for forged and cast military products, our company is one of the US Navy’s preferred providers of lashing strap assemblies for submarines and other nautical military applications.

Pictured is one of our custom forged lashing strap assemblies used for securing submarine torpedoes. The unit is fabricated from high-strength cast steel. Assembled with large, heavy-duty rivets, multi-layer aluminum arms are strapped together to yield an extremely high tensile strength. After fabrication is complete, we apply a plastisol layer to the inside of all cast steel parts to further protect the device from long-term wear and corrosion.

This particular unit requires 40,000 lbs of vertical pull strength backed by extensive proof-load testing to ensure all components perform reliably at the maximum rating. At APC, precision and performance are engineered into every fabricated product before being verified through our robust quality control protocols.

AS9100 Certification

AS9100D and ISO 9001 Certified Custom Assembly Solutions

APC is an AS9100D certified aerospace manufacturer specializing in quality forged and cast components. is also certified to the latest ISO 9001:2015 standards. Our meticulous quality control system ensures every custom fabricated product is produced according to spec. Our quality assurance program also confirms that all metals and other manufacturing materials conform to the contract’s requirements.

Quality American Manufacturing and Assembly Services

At APC, we strive to exceed the expectations of our customers by providing highly acc urate and efficient fabricated product solutions. Our ability to seamlessly manufacture forged or casted metal components as well as industrial sewn products, molded plastic assemblies, and other unique combinations enables APC to streamline your project from start to finish.