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Custom Fabricated Products for the Military, Aviation, and Industrial Sectors

Aero Products Co. (APC) provides custom fabricated military, aerospace, and industrial assemblies. We take pride in our American-made products, ensuring every component is manufactured to precise specifications and performance requirements.

Our precision fabrication solutions include quality metal stamped products, as well as CNC machined parts and assemblies. We also provide laser cutting, tube bending, hydroforming capabilities, along with a complete range of forged and casted metal products. APC is an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer offering superior metal fabrication solutions to the military, aerospace, industrial sectors and beyond.

AS9100 Certification

Custom Stamped, Hydroformed, and Laser Cut Products

At APC, our precision metal stamping, hydroforming, and laser cutting capabilities are engineered to produce superior aerospace and military products manufactured to the highest levels of quality and consistency.

Precision Machined Components

The modern defense, aerospace, and industrial sectors demand precision CNC machining solutions. APC offers a full range of custom machined products for aircraft and defense industries.

Tube Bending Solutions

If your custom aviation and industrial products require custom bent tube or pipe components, APC can accommodate your project with our quality-backed tube bending solutions.

Swaged Components

Our range of custom swaged components offer superior performance and reliability, even when subjected to the extreme use cases of modern defense and industrial operations.

Forged and Casted Parts

APC’s forged, casted, and swaged metal products are built to stand the test of time, even when faced with the extreme conditions of cutting-edge military and industrial applications.