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Molded Plastic Products and Custom Molded Assemblies

Aero Products Co. specializes in custom molded products manufactured for the government, MIL-spec, aerospace, and commercial applications. Our plastic and composite molding capabilities include vacuum form molding and thermoform molding, as well as injection molding for complex assemblies.

APC’s quality molded plastics and composites are engineered for superior strength and performance, capable of meeting the demands of modern aviation, military, and industrial environments.

Thermoformed and Injection Molded Products

Our vacuum form machine processes molded sheet plastic into a wide array of form factors, including complex assemblies and custom shapes which demand close tolerances. As an AS9100D and ISO 9001:2015 certified contract manufacturer for aerospace and defense applications, APC’s custom thermoformed and injection molded components are produced to the highest degree of precision and consistency.

Custom Molded Composites

APC uses premium pre-preg and fiberglass materials to produce superior custom composites for molded parts and complex assemblies. Our fiber-reinforced plastics and composites deliver the strength, resilience, and reliability required for modern industrial applications as well as the cutting-edge flight and military sectors.

AS9100 Certification